5 Ways to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

January 13, 2013By 3 Comments

petlossLosing a pet can be really depressing especially when you dearly loved them. Most pet owners would often go through a dreadful experience that most psychologists would call as “disenfranchised grief” which is the pain of a loss that is not acknowledged or supported by the society openly. This grief can eventually result to a clinical depression, poor self-esteem, as well as withdrawal, making healthful methods and strategies really important to processing of having to lose a pet animal.

“While we all feel sad at the death of a pet, what associates that loss into our lives and triggers the sadness is the act of mourning,” Wolfe claims. It is extremely vital to recognize all of the feelings that were associated with having to lose a pet like anger, sadness, belief, as well as regret. These are considered normal and deserve expression according to Wolfe. If one bottles up those intense feelings, it can greatly result to feeling deeply hurt and is very stressful for the body which, in turn, can make that person more vulnerable to sickness and other conditions.

Here are five helpful ways on how to say goodbye properly and cope with having to lose a pet that you loved:

  • Celebrate their life. Putting up a memorial service can give a safe space not only for you but for others that also loved your pet to share stories, as well as express their feelings and emotions openly. You might want to consider holding even just a little life ceremony celebration at your home or try contacting a funeral home for pets. Commemorating the life of your pet can help you say your goodbyes.
  • Have a break. You might want to rest and take a day or two off from work to gain that sense of equilibrium in you back. A lot of people go through mental disorientation and lethargy after their pet died.
  • Have someone to lean on. Surround yourself with people who truly understand what you are going through and are willing to be there to support you. One good example of this is to engage yourself in a pet loss support group or paying a visit to a grief counselor that can help you work out your feelings and emotions.
  • Do not neglect your health and protect it. Take note that emotional stressors consume a massive amount of energy from the body. Resulting to a number of people to suffer weak immune systems and a series of illness during grief. Even though one is going through a hard time, loss of appetite or having trouble going to sleep, giving the body energy through water, food and rest are vital to keeping yourself healthyand feeling a lot better emotionally.
  • Avoid paying a visit to the pet store. According to Wolfelt, you must fight off the urge to go to a pet store and get yourself a new one so you will not miss the other that died. It is important that you should only consider having a new pet in your life once you are really ready to be attached to him without comparing the old to the new. Give yourself about six months to move on and process the death of your pet before getting yourself a new one.

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  1. Sandra White says:

    Thank you so much for this post! We just lost our little kitty and I really hope these five steps help us with the pain. Thank you, thank you!

  2. gladys says:

    My beloved Yorkie died a couple months ago from poisoning from a Pothos (a very common, easy to grow houseplant with long runners). I had had her for 10yrs and she had never touched this plant before..I had no idea this plant was poisonous to animals so please keep your pets from this plant so you won’t have to suffer a needless loss that I did..still not over it!

  3. Joan says:

    Thanks for the article. Our cat/baby that was with is for 15 years passed. It was a difficult decision but it was not fair to her to try to keep her going. I’m having a little alone time now but wish I had more time to myself. We had her cremated and she will always be with us.

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