How to Say Bye to your Bad Mood in Thirty Seconds

January 5, 2013By 4 Comments

badmoodbyebyeBad mood can spoil your entire day and lead to frequent fights with your family members. This creates a problem in your family and social life and leads to turbulence making you quiet and often fall into depression. Though it may seem like a small problem at first, it starts taking a toll on your mental and physical well-being and soon the signs of ageing starts showing on your face before you actually age that much.

Many solutions have come across in recent time to help you out of your bad mood. While many people consider that being around negative minded people who lead to a bad or negative impression of the mind may lead to the mood getting bad and worse, there are researches that believe that fluctuations in mood occur due to psychological conditions of the human mind and the perception of a person towards his or her life.

A newer research in Psychological Science has revealed that you can actually prevent yourself from getting into a bad mood by trashing all your negative thoughts. The trick is quite simple and takes up to a minimum time of thirty seconds and even less. All you need to do is give yourself some time, write them down on a piece of paper and simply toss it in the dustbin or flush it out. This will help you overcome all the negative thoughts that you may have had and get rid of them. This may look like some silly experiment that has been on children’s list of tricks on the Halloween night when actually that is simply not the case. Well according to Richard Perry, a Ph.D and professor with the Ohio State University, it is the silly things that work most of the time irrespective of having nothing to do with real science!

Richard carried on an experiment based on this trick. He studied eighty three people, all of whom were asked to write down all their negative thoughts on a piece of paper based on their body image and then according to what they think about it, may either throw the piece of paper away or keep it with them. It was seen that people who kept their thoughts with themselves were more likely to be positive about what they wrote, hence if they wrote positively about their body that meant they actually were positive about what their body image was and if they wrote in a negative way that meant they thought lowly about their body image.

The research made by the experiments was conclusive in nature and it was deduced that it is the body that controls the mind and the mind that controls the body. This means that if you follow this experiment, you can very well be able to put all your negative thoughts in a trash and become far more confident than you had actually been. In this way you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest without having to think about your bad mood ever again and get your smile back. So try it the next time someone turns your mood into a real bad one and toss all of the negative thoughts in garbage.

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  1. Margieleow says:

    Hi Kayce! I wanted to pin your article but it was probably marked as SPAM by others? Perhaps you should drop a note to Pinterest to let them know about it? Cheers!

  2. P T. says:

    I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 yrs.. I feel like I’m ready to marry him.. But he says he’s not ready! Should I stay or walk away? I feel he will never BE ready!

  3. Jo says:

    Getting out of a bad mood sounds easier than done. Howevever much I write ,it helps only at that moment. But yes I do agree that it helps. Have followed it all along:)

  4. C.E. says:

    Wow! Letting go is extremely hard for me. I have actually tried this technique and I have found that (for the most part) it works! However I find myself “trashing” the same stuff all over again every once in a while. Maybe I’ll trash them forever once and for all sometime…

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