Lose Weight Fast Without Being Hungry? It’s Possible!

September 11, 2012By 2 Comments

My good friend has tried many diets in her life. She has tried calorie counting diets, point counting diets, low fat diets, and starvation diets. She even tried the cabbage soup diet once. If you are reading this, and have not yet tried it, take her advice and don’t. There is only so much cabbage soup you can down before you begin to look and smell like a cabbage.

Most of these diets, if applied with enough willpower, caused her to lose weight. Of course, they also caused her to be very, very, very hungry, because they all involved NOT EATING ENOUGH FOOD! I remember how she told me about counting out twelve wheat crackers into the palm of her hand once, and salivating as she did it, because she was sooo hungry, but twelve one inch crackers was all she could have for the rest of the night. This struck her as madness. Still, with every diet she lost weight if she applied herself.

And then she turned 45. In honor of this achievement her body decided to never lose another easy ounce. Not that those ounces were easy in the past, but after 45 she could not lose weight no matter what she applied and when she applied it. She increased exercise, no weight loss. She decreased her eating, no weight loss. When finally decided to fast, she did lose weight. Mostly it was water, and the minute she took a bite of food, it all came back overnight.

She was totally frustrated because not only was unable to lose weight, but she had also let herself get 20 pounds heavier than she had ever been before, and she was uncomfortable, unhappy, unattractive, and felt guilty every time she ate a meal. She was reading all over the internet for things to try, and nothing seemed to work.

And then she discovered a style of eating that interested her: the Paleo or Primal Diet. It didn’t interest her because it promised weight loss (though it did (they all did!)); it interested her because it involved eating like our ancient ancestors and she have always been interested in cavemen. She played with little plastic ones when she was a toddler and enjoyed camping and hunting as an adult, so she was fascinated by someone who was promoting eating more meat, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and nothing processed, like they did in days of prehistory.

She decided to try this style of eating, for her health. She had no pretenses that she would lose weight. She had tried everything and nothing had worked. She was doing it to see if it made her feel better. Her digestive system had been giving her fits for a few years and she was tired of feeling bad half the time because of it.

She was pleasantly surprised when after a week on the diet, stepped on a scale and had lost 4 pounds! This is more than she had lost in two or three weeks on a diet back when she could still lose weight, and unheard of at her present state of health and age. She wrote it off to a happy coincidence or perhaps time to get a new scale, and went on. Ignoring the scale for a couple weeks (it always bore bad news anyway), she stepped back up a couple weeks later and had lost another six pounds! for a total of 10 pounds in three weeks.

Not only had she  lost weight, but after the first week, she was not hungry. Kim no longer got hunger pains by 11 in the morning, longing for lunch so I could stop them. She was even more astounded by the fact that by week two, her digestive problems had also disappeared.

Kim had found a diet that enabled her to lose weight, feel good AND did not make her hungry. Gone are the days of counting wheat crackers into her palm for a snack. Gone are the days of hunger pains so intense she longed for “real food”. Gone are the days of expensive diet replacements for fat.

Why I am writing all this? She would like to suggest if you are any age, but especially if you are 40 or older, and you want to lose weight, increase your health and not be hungry doing it, that you look into the Paleo or Primal (or Caveman or many other names that have similar methodologies) Diet.

She have lost close to 30 pounds now and have decided to make that a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet. Kim feels better and healthier now than she did when was in college!

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  1. Selena Shepherd says:

    so what did she do? what are the steps?

  2. alejandra says:

    really? i was hoping you would help out? ok your story is good and if people get interested is because they also wanna lose the weight, you should at least write the name of the website your friend found the caveman diet…..or the steps for it.

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